2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition Grand Prize Editor Award

Judges for the 15th Annual 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition Grand Prize Editor Award. From left to right: W.B. Kong, Ija Lu, and Yu-Hang Chen.

Judge Introduction

Yu-Hang Chen (Writer, former editor)

W.B. Kong (Veteran editor)
Ija Lu (Author)

General Comments:

When Taiwan’s cultural research and writing are enthusiastically being carried out, the phenomenon is fully reflected in the entries for the annual Editor Award. Themes of folk beliefs, literature, music, architecture, ethnic groups, industries, etc. unfold in the works. This year, there were more books on film art than in previous years—a century of Taiwanese film history, Taiwan’s film keywords, Taipei poster painters who can popularize the entire country, local theater history, and billboard painters—all trying to awaken people’s memories of their past lives.

The rewriting of academic research and dissertations into popular reading materials is also worthy of attention. Topics including the industrial history of Yangming Mountain camellia, the establishment of the educational cooperation system, supermarket clerks, and Hokkien movies, all came about due to the rewriting of academic research.

Publications in Cooperation with the Public Sector and Publishing Houses: A selection of literature from the National Human Rights Museum, a film history written by scholars from the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, and a story-based picture book about the “roundabout” of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications’ four bureaus (air traffic control, meteorology, railway, and tourism). These works are all multifaceted.

No matter the book genre, every editor must face the choice of subject matter, the reader’s position, as well as the daily work and tests of both depth and simplicity. In terms of challenges, all books are the same yet different. The team of judges endeavored to exchange opinions and reach a consensus after studying the data, reading the books, identifying the traces of editing efforts, and considering the differences between genres.

《Resurrection from the Past: Selected Writings About Taiwan's White Terror (Vol.1~Vol.5)》

Publisher:SpringHill Publishing

Book Introduction
This anthology is edited by Hu Shuwen and Tong Weiger who are both the most prestigious novelist in Taiwan. This one-year project is hosted by National Human Rights Museum and published by SpringHill. After reviewing over two hundred books, the editors selected 47 writings written by 43 authors. This anthology represents the age of white terror in Taiwan with different perspectives. There are writers in prison, youth, communists, women, body, spy and island in five volumes.

All these works are annotated by researchers in order to make the content understandable. Reading this anthology is like attending a theater about human nature. Readers will see all the people in disgrace or in distortion. They can be the innocents, revolutionary and the persecutors. They can be the mainlanders, Taiwanese, aboriginals and even foreigners. They all make their voice in these writings. All these living memories might make readers in fear and surprise but people may also find their own links with the past through these untold stories.

Hu Shu Wen

Rights Contact:Patience Chuang
W x H cm/pages/price:14.8 x 21 cm/2184/NT$2000

①《Temple parade in Taiwan》
②《Meet Japanese architects - during the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan(1895-1945)ese architects in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation(1895-1945)》
③《Folk beliefs in Taiwan》
④《Myths and Ledgends of Seediq》
⑤《Culture of Sejiq/Sediq/Seediq》

Publisher:Morning Star Publishing Inc.

Book Introduction

“Taiwan Temple Parade” focuses on one of Taiwan’s national treasures: the Songjiang martial arts of the temple parade system. It’s an entry-level book that brings attention and understanding to the local temple parade culture, and comprehensively lays out the local Songjiang system. “Taiwan Architects of the Japanese Occupation (1895-1945)” takes you on a stroll through previous eras to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan’s classic architecture. “Taiwan Folk Beliefs” focuses on folk life themes that are closely related to daily life, and answers the 100 most frequently-asked questions. “Seediq Myths and Legends” is to-date the largest collection of Seediq myths and legends, and it is the most direct and most comprehensive introduction that traces the historical development of the ancient Seediq people. “Seediq Culture” begins with the Seediq ancestor myth, providing an in-depth depiction of their traditional culture and the profound cultural significance of waya and gaya.


Hu Wen-Ching

Rights Contact:Wu, Yi-Fen

《Temple parade in Taiwan》
W x H cm/pages/price:
17×23 cm/240/NT$480
《Meet Japanese architects – during the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan(1895-1945)ese architects in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation(1895-1945)》
W x H cm/pages/price:
16×22.5 cm/208/NT$450
《Folk beliefs in Taiwan》
W x H cm/pages/price:
17×23 cm/224/NT$490
《Myths and Ledgends of Seediq》
W x H cm/pages/price:
14.8×21 cm/304/NT$400
《Culture of Sejiq/Sediq/Seediq》
W x H cm/pages/price:
14.8×21 cm/320/NT$450

①《On Happiness Road vol. 1-2》
②《Secret Whispers vol.1》
③《Secret Whispers Monster Compendium》
④《Becoming a Cave》
⑤《Love Letter》

Publisher:Locus Publishing Company

Book Introduction

“On Happiness Road vol. 1-2” is set on a street called Xingfu, a Chinese word meaning “happiness,” in 1980s Taiwan. The stories revolve around the daily lives of elementary school student Chi and her friends and family. “Secret Whispers vol.1” blends the elements of fantasy, innocence, camaraderie, science fiction, battle, adventure, and monsters in a story of friendship and betrayal between children. “Secret Whispers Monster Compendium” is a bestiary of the kaiju, or monsters, that appear in the Secret Whispers comic book series. “Becoming a Cave” is Inca Pan’s newest book after The Man Who Stoops in Palm Line Canyons. This collection of 51 intricate illustrations and 51 fantastical short stories builds worlds of fantasy that are rich in metaphor and symbolism. “Love Letter” is a beautifully illustrated poem, but it could also be seen as an art book illuminated by text. The first few illustrations were also selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. From these compositions, a complete narrative began to take shape in Animo’s mind.


Yi-chun Lin

Rights Contact:Vinelle Pan

《On Happiness Road vol. 1-2》
W x H cm/pages/price:
14.8×21 cm/400/NT$600
《Secret Whispers vol.1》
W x H cm/pages/price:
19×26 cm/168/NT$300
《Secret Whispers Monster Compendium》
W x H cm/pages/price:
19×20 cm/180/NT$450
《Becoming a Cave》
W x H cm/pages/price:
17×25 cm/192/NT$1600
《Love Letter》
W x H cm/pages/price:
21×28 cm/60/NT$500

《Studies of Taiwan popular music in the prewar era》

Publisher:Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.

Book Introduction

The writing of this book is based on musicology and cultural studies, covering literature, history, sociology, communication and other humanities, and is also based on the soundscape cultivated from a large number of recorded sounds. Using records, newspapers, literary works, and cultural relics as clues, the book disassembles the cultural phenomena at that time in detail, integrates difficult theories or boring analysis into historical narratives, and outlines a pop music development scene that does not violate the reality as much as possible. The book is divided into six chapters: audiences, singers, creators, music, texts, and industries, discussing the first golden decade of Taiwanese pop songs from a multi-angle and comprehensive perspective. Along with a CD album which contains 21 representative pre-war Taiwanese pop music, readers of this book can also listen to the voice of the lost era.


Huang Ching-Yi

Rights Contact:Jennifer Wang
W x H cm/pages/price:21 x 20 cm/444/NT$800

《The COVID-19 Catastrophe: An in-depth reports of the past and incoming days with the pandemic》

Publisher:Business Weekly Publication

Book Introduction

★Annual major coverage by the awarded non-profit media, “The Reporter”
★The most complete documentary writing with historical and global perspective
★47 full-color graphic stories, 27 in-depth reports

How COVID-19 is changing our world?
The in-depth reportage and investigative journalism behind the virus

 A healing trip turned out to be a frightening memory─ A man and his father were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and stayed there for 50 days from anxiety to helplessness……

More than 2,000 cross-strait couples lived apart due to strict border control measures, and waited in torture for their reunion……

The 911 ambulancemen were informed that they carried potential COVID-19 patient after a whole day. They often responded to the people’s calls for help, and now they are calling for help to the medical system……

The COVID-19 has spread much more rapidly than SARS seventeen years ago, which locked down numerous cities and 50 million people, and broke through the international borders and spread all over the world.
Lockdowns, economic stagnation, soaring unemployment …are the torture left to the whole world.

The epidemic has revealed the incapacity of international organizations, and has prompted reforms of governments.
Under the epidemic prevention system, it has subverted everyone’s daily lives.
Frontline medical staff who are sweaty with full equipment; the migrant workers who are more severely rejected by society; the disinfectors carrying 30-kilograms heavy equipment; you and I who never quit the masks……

While the pandemic is still raging, we should overcome fear and anxiety, and try to find the new path to making an end.
From the changing of the world situation to the future positioning of Taiwan, we get the chance to reposition, reconstruct, and rebuild ourselves.
With a more rational and broad perspective, we can see the ignored people in the pandemic, find the subtle problems of the system, and dig out the hope behind this disaster.


Hui-Chun Yang

Rights Contact:Yu-Wen Huang
W x H cm/pages/price:14.8 x 21 cm/384/NT$450