《Practicing Goodbye》

Publisher:SiLoo Story

Book Introduction

“Bibi, my dog and best friend, disappeared suddenly on a windy afternoon. There was no chance to say goodbye, and I had to get used to living without him.

One day, Bibi returned home; his various scents and rhythms brought me back in time, but the real goodbye came. I discover that the two years without Bibi turned out to be the practice of saying goodbye forever.”

PRACTICING GOODBYE is BeiLynn’s first graphic novel which tells a story of the sudden disappearance of the loved one through the separation and reunion of the main character and the dog, Bibi.

This book is divided into six chapters which are purely hand-drawn with pencils. The traces and marks of repeatedly smearing and covering are deliberately and intentionally retained to convey the concept of that disappearance is also a kind of existence. The colors are slowly added in the last chapter, superimposed layer by layer, page by page, as if the main character’s state of mind becomes brighter and brighter.

In the design process, the rhythm of reading is considered, so some pages are left blank; some texts and images are separated. The second chapter is an imagined journey during the disappearance of the dog. To distinguish the perspective, the differences between paper and printing is made. In addition to the visual differences, the tactile feeling during turning the book is also taken care of.

The story ends with a photo of the dog and a baseball in an untidy style. It represents that the author is playing with him for the last time.

Photo:Yu Chung Chen

Bei Lynn

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Book Introduction

Chen-Tsung Chiu, whose work has been honored with Golden Tripod Illustration Award and selected in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, draws himself as the father in this picture book. He sewed his extensive experience from nature observation together with playful and lovely parent-child dialogue to guide the readers a walk at night, which embedded plentiful treasure of knowledge.

With his exquisite painting technique, Chiu presents the magical colors of the sky, which changes from dust to evening, then from late night to twilight. Besides the background, he also delicately depicts the features and postures of the animals in the dark. Throughout the pages, readers can enjoy the common views and sounds of night life in Taiwan natural environment, including the silhouette of creatures, the subtle biological activities beneath the lamp and water, and the visualized night harmony of insects and birds. On top of these, the thoughtful design within the image composition helps readers quickly learn the points they should notice for outdoor observation.

Upon these refined illustrations, the text shows a reserved father’s love and warm care to his son by making awkward jokes. To the father and son in the story, this small expedition is not just a visit to nature, but also represents the cooperation they build to explore the world outside. The father though has plenty of biological knowledge, he lowers himself and perceives the world from the boy’s view while communicating with him. The boy, on the other hand, gains comfort and courage from his father’s accompany in the dark, so that he can bravely watch and listen to the nature night life of his own accord.

The biological information is well planted throughout the book. Not only the story itself drives readers attention to animal behaviors, it also gives them three-page-introduction of biological environment at night at the end of the book. Its goal is to let the readers enjoys the story while enriching their basic knowledge of nature observation and outdoor safety rules in a relaxing way. The author along with the story encourage grownups and children together have a walk in the nature near their house at night and harvest their own memory of exploration.


Chen-Tsung Chiu

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Publisher:Global Kids Books (Commonwealth Publishing Group)

Book Introduction

Cities had been completely shut down for three years due to the pandemic. But 13-year-old Lu Fei had to go to the hospital to see his mother one last time. In order to do so, he pretended to be a robot to escape from quarantine, and met a mysterious girl, Ona. From the moment they met, a strange and thrilling escape journey began immediately! Lu Fei discovered that Ona could be hiding a high-tech secret beyond people’s imagination. When he revealed the secret, he put himself in danger…


ManChiu Lin


Asta Wu

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《 Hide & Seek》

Publisher:National Taiwan Museum

Book Introduction

*Illustrations from this picture book were featured in the 2022 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition

Two naturalists over a hundred years apart both scoured the deep forests of Taiwan in search of a mysterious creature: the Formosan clouded leopard.

The Formosan clouded leopard is considered a sacred animal by some indigenous Taiwanese cultures. However, the leopards are rarely seen and little trace of them remains. In 1856, a British diplomat and naturalist called Robert Swinhoe arrived in Taiwan, but he left without seeing a live clouded leopard despite years of searching. Over a hundred years later, ecological researcher Chiang Po-jen was intrigued by the Formosan clouded leopard and has devoted his life to finding one. Are the leopards still out there, hidden deep in the Taiwanese mountains?

Working with the National Taiwan Museum, Page Tsou brings his artistic vision to the nature findings and the once prominent but now extinct Formosan clouded leopard. Open this picture book and join the naturalist on a journey spanning more than a century as they search for the legendary clouded leopard.


Page Tsou

Rights Contact: Li-rong Shiang
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《Secerts at the Zoo》

Publisher:Yuan-Liou Publishing Co Ltd

Book Introduction

“I can’t wait to see my favorite animal elephants tomorrow!” the little boy, Hong Hsiao-mao, was excited about the trip. The next day, he put on his favorite red cap and brought his yo-yo, with his parents, they went to the Zoo. The Zoo was crowded with visitors, they decided to start from where less visitors. It was the family of Grey Wolves. After finished counting the number of Grey Wolves, they were about to leave. Hong Hsiao-mao suddenly noticed that “one of the wolves is missing!” This distracted Hong Hsiao-mao, even his favorite elephants could not keep him concentrated. There were so many signs showing something strange going on. Hong Hsiao-mao tried to explain to his parents but they did not listen. All of a sudden, a big, dark grey reflection showed from the water and terrified Hong Hsiao-mao. Hong Hsiao-mao ran away and got lost in the Zoo. An old lady in cloak came to him, and Hong Hsiao-mao realized that this old lady was in fact…!

Photo: Pei Yun Chen

Huang Yi-Wen

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《Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone: 21 Cool Ways to Live with Less Air-Conditioning from The Stories of Meerkats, Primitive People, and Fried Rice with Eggs》

Publisher:Business Weekly Publications

Book Introduction

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone: 21 Cool Ways to Live with Less Air-Conditioning from The Stories of Meerkats, Primitive People, and Fried Rice with Eggs is the latest work of Prof. Tzu-Ping Lin, the Head of the Building and Climate Laboratory (BCLab) of National Cheng Kung University in summer 2022.

How to talk about temperature from the stories of meerkats, primitive people, and fried rice with eggs? After the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger takeoff explosion, Richard Feynman used a glass of ice water and an O-shaped rubber band to explain a physical phenomenon that was difficult for the public to understand. “Ah, I get it when you explain it like that!” is what I hope will resonate with you as you read this book. Therefore, each article in this book starts with a short story that seems to be unrelated to temperature, and with a humorous illustration, a story about temperature is staged to let you experience it.

The topic of temperature is an important topic in today’s society. It is both a theory and a phenomenon, but as a popular science book that communicates with the public, where should we start? If we use theories from earth science, thermodynamics, and human physiology to explain the effects of temperature, the content will be difficult to understand; if we only use the viewpoint of climate change and industrial carbon emission to examine the temperature rise, it is too distant from the public’s life. Therefore, Prof. Lin decided to explore seven key issues from the four themes of origin, residence, activity, and earth:
1. Where does temperature come from and why does the earth have the right temperature?
2. How do animals adapt to temperature and why are humans different?
3. How to maintain comfort in the house?
4. A new look at air conditioning and the rejection of low temperature extortion.
5. What are the unknown effects of temperature on various activities?
6. To make our lives comfortable, we must first help the earth to reduce its hot conditions.
7. Go back to simplicity of life, act now.

The famous psychologist Viktor Frankl once said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Although it is a habitual action to turn on the air conditioner when it feels too hot, we actually have more power to choose, and this is the important concept that Prof. Lin wants to communicate to readers through this book. “Your body is the good at adapting to temperature, and we don’t need much temperature control intervention. With a good understanding and early planning, you can keep your home cool, your activities comfortable, and most importantly, help cool the planet. This is a story about temperature, and I hope that the story I tell has a temperature that will motivate you to make changes.”


Tzu-Ping Lin

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《I'm Not a Pigeon: A Fairy Tale of Animals》

Publisher:Global Kids Books (Commonwealth Publishing Group)

Book Introduction

This book contains five fairy tales. The author, Su-Yi Chen, uses animals as protagonists, and tells the stories from an ecological perspective. This anthropomorphic technique vividly depicts the process of animals seeking affirmation. The stories touch the hearts of young readers, guiding them to think about the philosophy of life.


Su-Yi Chen


Yu-Nin Tsai

Rights Contact:Siera Lai
W x H cm/pages/price:14.8×20.5 cm/144/NT$320

《Good-bye, Great Grandma》

Publisher:Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group

Book Introduction

Where did Great Grandma go? Mom said Great Grandma went to heaven, but . . . where is heaven? How did Great Grandma get there? Did she take the bus?

The story depicts Great Grandma’s funeral from the perspective of her great granddaughter, a little girl. When she sees and experiences traditional customs and rituals such as offering incense, folding lotus flowers, chanting, and burning golden paper, the little girl is full of curiosity and confusion. Between reality and her imagination, the little girl raises questions about the journey of life.

The author transforms his own experience into this storybook and tenderly shows his young readers what it’s like to bid farewell to a loved one.


Po-Ting Lin

Rights Contact:Siera Lai
W x H cm/pages/price:21.5*24.6  cm/44/NT$330

《My Mysterious Beetle》

Publisher:Linking Publishing Co.,Ltd

Book Introduction

This title is the personal experience of the author. After discovering the mysterious insect in their balcony, the author and her son began to observe it. In addition, they tried many ways to know more about this insect. It is definitely an interesting book that will make children to explore the world around them.


Tseng-Chiao Hsu

Rights Contact:Whitney Hsu
W x H cm/pages/price:19x 26 cm/44/NT$350

《When Children Encounter Poetry: The Polite Ghost》


Book Introduction

“When Children Encounter Poetry: The Polite Ghost” is a collection of poems, especially for children. Poetry written by poet Sha Sha and illustrated by Yi Chin Chen, the winner of The Illustration Exhibition. In this book, Yi Chin Chen shows unique hand-torn paintings, combine with abundant vocabulary from Sha Sha. Fascinating sentence patterns, expand children’s language talent and cultivate their sense of beauty.

Are mountains giants? The postbox eats so many letters, will it keep secrets? Are ghosts always scary? Poetry may be another way to reflect ourselves in the purest and most childlike manner.

Each poem added “Words for Accompanying Readers”, letting parent can easily lead children into the field of poetry.


Sha Sha



Rights Contact:Renee Ting
W x H cm/pages/price:19×22 cm/64/NT$400