When I Was Waiting for My Mom To Pick Me Up

2019 • Mixed media • Fiction

Hsiao-Chi Chang

HsiaoChi Chang is an illustrator who is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her illustration style is whimsical and playful. She is often inspired by the humorous situations she encounters in daily life. A majority of her artworks are illustrated for children.

Dotted Line

2019.Digital painting, mixed media, acrylic painting.Fiction

Where there’s light, there’s darkness
Déjà Vu
First we have to sail into the dark

Lu-Wen Ting

Born in Taipei, artist Lu-Wen Ting goes by as the female singer of the band Crispy.
Her work often tends to visualize the subconscious mind with black and white, textured imagery, while also exploring the many possibilities of illustrative art.

A Little Trip

2019 • Drypoint, chine-collé, acrylic, pencil • Fiction

Maybe someday I will…
I read before bed on the mountaintop.
Good night & sleep well.
Where’s my dream?
The adventure begins…

Meng-Hsuan Kuan

Her artworks were selected for Bologna Children’s Book Fair(2004、2020, Italy)、Ilustrarte’09(2009, Portugal), and the winner of Next Art Tainan and YAT Award Recommendation(2017, Taiwan).

A Biting Game

2019 • Ink, Eastern Gouache and Mineral Pigments on Paper • Fiction

Chien-Yu Lin

The journey continues and solitude remains.

Chien-Yu Lin was born in Taipei. Chien obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2021. She has been focusing on storytelling and narrative. She tries to explore a space between “art” and “illustration” and break the border between them. In such space that she created, Chien looks forward to showing readers and viewers the possible expressions of stories and images.

What Will Happen in the Future?

2019 • Digital Illustration • Fiction

They forgot
I like it!
Still elegant

Yedda Chen

Yedda Chen is a self-taught Taiwanese illustrator. She graduated in Fashion Design from Shih Chien University, and is currently studying MA Illustration at UAL in London. She is dedicated in applying various colors on her personal art which includes painting, drawing, mixed mediums and textiles.

Deeper Blue

2019 • Digital tool • Fiction

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Yashinis a freelance illustrator based in Taipei, where she works on commercial as well as personal art projects under the pseudonym Yashin. Known for her fine, meticulous style converging between reality and fantasy, Yashin relishes tapping into the inherent surrealism of reality.